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Watch Face The Tourbinator

1.35 usd

You want a watch that would cost 1.5 million USD in real life. This watch face is unique and no copy. The Tourbinator is the most complicated watch face available at this moment. It took hundreds of hours to make these complex animations to work. The whole complex gears animation rotates as a whole when tilting wrist because of the programmed accelerometer. You can change settings live and on the watch. No need to do this in your mobile phone.This watch is made for Android Wear watches like the Motorola 360 and the LG G Watch Round. It includes a square dial so it can be used on square watches like the LG ZenWatch.
Please rate us positive if you like our work! Dont give a bad rating too soon. We see that some users dont know to find a setting. We can help you with that. Setting the second hand to "tick" will halt all animations. This setting is only for a slower watch
Why the Tourbinator is the most fantastic smart watch face:★ It has complex transparent animations★ Weather information is available★ You can set options live on the watch by swiping and ticking★ All gears turn in a complex way to give you that realistic look★ It has the ultimate millionairs factor★ You can make 1280 combinations. You are getting a lot of watches in this app.★ You can choose for skeleton look or set beautiful dials★ premium metals have been used to create the best apearance★ Many hours are invested in this design. It is the most complex watch face app today available.★ You can set date and power indicators and their location★ You can choose analog or digital indicators★ You can choose modern style or classic hands★ Also features a square design★ Future improvements and updates will follow...
How to change/ build your ultimate Tourbinator:- buy and download our app and wait till the watch face shows up in your watch- select the Tourbinator by long clicking your watch face and then ticking the gear symbol below. Or set it in the Android Wear app on your phone- when activated on your watch go to the settings of Tourbinator in the Android Wear app of your phone- select your flavors of choice and change rotations speeds if preferred in the Android Wear app on your phone- if our watch face doesnt show up in your watch please try to restart your watch. It can take some time to load this complex watch- change your preferences by long clicking the watch face. Then swipe up. Swipe and tick to select.- pull your sleeve up so everybody asks what awesome watch you have on your wrist
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More complicated watch faces will follow from Marc Notenboom and Wes Scoggin @ Scoon Wear